The world would be inconceivable without music. Imagine the absence of music in our lives.

Music is a wonderful skill for any child, but new research shows how learning music can help your child in so many more ways including:

  • improved reasoning capacity and problem solving skills,

  • improved maths and language performance,

  • better memory, and

  • greater social and team skills.

At Woodend Primary School every child has the opportunity to find the joy of making and understanding music. All children have Music as a core component of their education, from Prep to Year Six. Additionally, just over half of all students also choose to learn an instrument through the excellent Instrumental Music Program. Many are involved in groups, ensembles and the local community strings orchestra – Resonance.

The classroom and instrumental music programs enrich students’ lives by providing:

  • joy and pleasure,

  • an enhancement to quality of life,

  • an opportunity to develop potential,

  • an avenue for creativity and self-expression,

  • a means for self-realisation and self-fulfillment, and

  • a unique avenue to succeed at school.